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Carbon Compensation for Yacht Owner, Charter Companies and Charter Clients

Offset your carbon footprint, caused by the fuel consumption of your passion for water sports.

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Per one litre of diesel that you consume with your boat 2.6 kg of CO2 (gasoline 2.3 kg of CO2) is released into the environment.
With a consumption of 1,000 litres of diesel per season and boat, for example, 2.6 tons of carbon are produced.

Neutral Boating offers consumption-based carbon CO2 compensation for boat owners (private individuals and companies), charter customers and charter companies, regardless of the boat size. From small motor boats to mega yachts on inland waterways or the ocean.

How it works

3 simple steps to offset your fuel consumption.

1. Calculate

Calculate your total fuel consumption for your trip, the coming season or the past.

2. Offset

Compensate the amount of CO2 to be offset by supporting certified climate projects.

3. Get your certificate

Receive a personal certificate, flag and sticker set to certify that you sail or drive your boat carbon neutral.

What we do with your support


We only support projects that demonstrate a reduction in greenhouse gases and are certified to an internationally respected carbon standard.

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We drive CO2 neutral

“I decided to give something back to the beautiful nature. With NeutralBoating I found a fair and competent provider who made it easy for me to offset the CO2 emissions of my yacht. It was important to me that NeutralBoating is monitored by the German TÜV and only invests in certified climate projects.”

Johann R. from Mörfelden Waldorf

“When I heard about this new opportunity, I immediately decided to compensate. The issue of global warming affects us all and if we are going to enjoy the beauty and diversity of nature in this way, we should at least make our small contribution.”

Achim N. from Mering

“As a yacht charter company, we have offset the entire annual consumption of our fleet for the second time. With NeutralBoating this works easily, safely and reliably and we are happy about the good feeling of having done something. Our customers also appreciate that.
In this way, we have already offset more than 300 tons of CO2 in total .”

Detlef Hagel,
Managing Director MY SeaTime Yachtcharter

Ready for Neutral Boating?

Compensate your fuel consumption now and get your personal certification, flag and sticker set.