How to reduce your fuel consumption

Tips for reducing CO2 emissions for boaters.

1. Keep the Hull clean

Keep the Hull clean. The influence of biofouling is very high.

2. Tune your propeller

Make sure your propeller is well matched to your boat, clean, and undamaged.

3. Remove ballast

Remove unnecessary ballast and equipment from your boat. Any unnecessary weight that you carry increases fuel consumption. This also applies to the content of the fuel tank itself. Ask yourself if you always have to drive with full tanks?

4. Drive slowly

Think about if you always need to drive as fast as possible. The engine speed has an exponential effect on fuel consumption and is therefore the largest influencing factor. Even 2-3 knots less are clearly noticeable. Try it! It can also be nice to enjoy the water and the landscape at slow speed and to plan shorter distances for the day trip. Please note, however, that diesel engines in particular need higher speeds from time to time to avoid damage.

Allways abide by speed limits!

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