Our mission


Our mission is to enable boaters to use their motorized sailing boats, motor boats, yachts and mega yachts without spoiling the pleasure by the fact that tons of carbon are released into the environment.

Did you know?

Per one litre of diesel that you consume with your boat 2.6 kg of CO2 (gasoline 2.3 kg of CO2)
is released into the environment.
With a consumption of 1,000 litres of diesel per season and boat, for example, 2.6 tons of carbon are produced.

How to carbon compensate your fuel consumption:


We offer you the opportunity to compensate for the resulting carbon by promoting appropriate projects through which the carbon in the environment is reduced or saved.
We only support climate projects that at least meet the requirements of the internationally respected certification organizations.

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Who we are

Jürgen Linder
Jürgen Linder, founder of neutral boating, is a graduate engineer, entrepreneur and has been passionate about water sports from a young age.

“As early as 2015, when we bought our first own boat, I was concerned with the question of how to exercise this unique passion and at the same time reduce the environmental impact. I then thoroughly familiarized myself with the topic of carbon footprint and was at first shocked that with every liter of diesel we use, we produce 2.6 kg of carbon and release it into the environment. The average European Citizen has an annual emission of 8 – 10 tons of carbon. If we now do water sports, there will be more add 2.6 tons of CO2 per 1,000 litres of diesel. We therefore believe that it is time to act and make our contribution as water sports enthusiasts.”

Ready to do the right thing?

Make your contribution to environmental protection and offset your carbon footprint caused by the fuel consumption
of your passion for water sports now.